We focus on keeping our business healthy.  But how about your own?  Keeping tabs on the business is important, but hey, don’t neglect yourself.  Certainly there is no glass ball we can gaze in predict any potential health issues in our future but it is worthwhile doing regular health checks.


Mammography –  Every woman should learn to do self-examinations in their early 20’s and onwards.  Check for unusual discharges, change of breast shape, lumps either soft or firm, surface skin changes. From the age of 40, women can be enrolled on the National Register for free mammograms every 2 years.  This should be sorted by your GP.   

Cervical Smears –  Women who are sexually active should be having pelvic exams and cervical smears every two years, at least.  This is one of the easiest cancers to pick up and treat when caught early.  Here’s more information on them: Cervical Smears.   Ovarian Cancer, is more difficult to detect.  The cancer cells grow deep in the ovaries, and symptoms get masked with other diagnoses.  It’s worth making yourself aware of what to look for. Click on this link: Ovarian Cancer.

And for the Men:

Testicular Exams – Testicular cancer is actually more common for young men in their 20’s!  Experts say every 3-4 months, check your balls.  If you feel anything unusual do get it checked at the earliest. When caught early, it is fully treatable.   

Prostate Health – Recommendations is that you should begin having regular checks of your prostate health once you reach your 40’s.  particularly if you have male relatives in the family who have, or had prostate cancer.  Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer for men in New Zealand and the risks increase with age.  Click here for more information: Prostate Cancer.

For everyone:

Bowel Cancer:  The second highest rate of death from cancer, is from bowel cancer (also referred to as colon, or rectal cancer). Globally, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of this form of cancer.  Leading symptoms are usually a change in your bowel discharges, or blood in your motions.  A genetic history of bowel or colon cancer in your family does increase your risks, so inform your doctor.  For more information click here:  Bowel / Colon Cancer.  

Skin Cancer:  Our climate with glorious summers combined with our love of doing activities outdoors raises the risk of skin cancer or melanoma.  And as with Bowel cancer, we have the higher rates in the world for this cancer, too.  Not good, at all.  So heed that ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ message and cover up.  Use quality sunscreens, and reapply them. One application in the morning is NOT going to last all day.   Remember to watch the children too, read more here: Sun Smart

Mental Health – Are business issues creating high stress, anxiety or feel you are not coping.  Review your lifestyle balance and check you do allow time to unwind?  Going solo in business often means you cannot share the management load and so it means wearing several hats at once.  Consider joining a business networking group or local professional business organisations in your area.  There will be members who can empathise on the stress of running a business and can offer support and advice. If you are having trouble managing the growing work demands on your time, consider outsourcing some tasks.  Have a read of our blog: Balance in your life.

If your mental health continues to deteriorate – do contact your GP, and reach out for support soonest.  This link provides a listing of useful organisations who may be able to help:  Helplines   

Heart Health – We’re all living longer. But our organs tend to wear a bit as we get older. The leading cause of death in New Zealand is from cardiovascular disease. This includes strokes and blood vessel diseases.  If you smoke, you increase your risk very significantly.  The three key factors you need to check with your health is weight, smoking and physical activity levels.  So … to look to those future years and enjoy your wealth, you heed advice on maintaining healthy weight and exercise.

Life can throw curveballs regardless.

Getting checked regularly may save your life especially if health issues are picked up earlier as we can appreciate treatment can be more successful in early stages, or as soon as we become aware of a problem.  Don’t be an ostrich burying your own head over your own health, look after yourself well so you are able to continue to run your business successfully. 

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